Just in time Fulfilment

"This is how we do it!"🎵

The gist of JIT

The gist of it is simple: We do the hard work💪. We create and maintain (this rather awesome website), pick, pack and ship the orders to you but we do not store any of the inventory we are selling😲

When a customer makes an order, we instead immediately purchase the product from our suppliers, never before (on 95% of our HUGE inventory).

The aim here is that no inventory is involved with JIT. We only purchase product when an order for it is made, which we then fulfill for you. 

Why don't you just sell from stock you actually have? 

Awesome question! Well, we're a Pharmacy💊💉 first and foremost. We run a few great bricks and mortar premises across Leicestershire. Of course, we hold stock on shelves for them - but after expanding our offering with Health Foods🥒🥝 online, it quickly became apparent that offering the freshest, longest dated stock was paramount to customer satisfaction. Our hand was, therefore, somewhat forced! 

Running an e-commerce store is a beautifully fast paced business with brands / products turned into "must haves" overnight with nothing more than an Instagram endorsements📸 by the newest blue tick account ✔️ 

Trends come and go and interests peak📈 and fall📉. Customer orders can go from zero to thousands and back again. The days of good old fashioned forecasting for your entire offering in this arena are numbered!


How can you guarantee that my order will be sent? 

We'd love ❤️ to categorically say that, without fail, all orders will be fulfilled in our standard 1-3 day despatch timescale but, in truth, we can't💔.

We're only as good as the information we are given and in order to constantly increase our available range, sometimes we have to accept that smaller suppliers are unable to offer fully up to date / accurate stock information. It's a huge frustration for us. We're here to fulfill orders and in most cases, it is our suppliers that prevent that being possible. When this is the case, we'll aim to get in touch with you as soon as we know. Usually this is either 1. A short term delay or 2. Cancellation😞.


The Process

Our JIT fulfillment model is straightforward enough, but its key difference from other models is the fact that product is purchased later in the process, not at the start to then be left in storage getting old and dusty before being sent to you. Here’s how it works;


So, at what point is your "Contract of sale" activated? 

Because of the above, our Terms & Conditions are clear in that "we only accept your offer, and conclude the contract of sale for a product ordered by you, when we dispatch the product to you and send e-mail confirmation to you that we've dispatched the product to you (the Dispatch Confirmation e-mail)"