Puressentiel®: the best of our essential oils for your health and well-being. Efficacy at its purest! 
Puressentiel aims to invent tomorrow’s health. Since day one, with the help of botanists, scientists and pharmacists, Puressentiel is developing innovative, ready-to-use and easy-to-apply formulas, with pleasant textures and fragrances. By simplifying the use of essential oils, Puressentiel makes aromatherapy easily accessible to all, for the daily health, beauty and wellbeing of the whole family. 
Puressentiel was created in France in 2005 by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni out of passion of nature. This family run company offers a range of innovative and easy-to-use natural healthcare products for the whole family, more pure, more natural, more effective. In 12 years, Puressentiel have developed a diversified range of more than 200 products and carried out 224 clinical studies on the efficacy and tolerance of its formulas. Present in more than 80 countries, it is now the fastest growing Pharmacy brand in Europe. Discover the Puressentiel ranges which are now available in the UK including: the iconic Purifying Air Spray, Rest & Relax, Respiratory, Muscles & Joints, Anti-Lice, Firming, Anti-Hair Loss as well as Gentle Heat Diffusers.


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