A Pharmacy Questionnaire required to be completed with every purchase

As Health Pharm is an online pharmacy, we are allowed to supply pharmacy-strength medicines.

Pharmacy medicines come in a number of different categories including:

P medicines (Pharmacy Medicines) are only available from pharmacies. Pharmacies are allowed to sell P medicines under the supervision of a pharmacist. The pharmacist is responsible for making sure that the medicine is suitable for you. You can buy P medicines online from Health Pharm. When you add a P medicine to your basket, we ask a set of questions about your condition. Once you place your order, your order is reviewed by a pharmacist just to double-check that it is safe for you to take the medicine.

P medicines and Prescription-only medicines are considered "pharmacy-strength", whereas GSL and unlicences medicines are not. Pharmacy-strength medicines they can only be supplied from pharmacies, under the supervision of a pharmacist. Of course, Express Chemist satisfies these conditions, and so can supply pharmacy-strength medicines to you.

Pharmacy-strength medicines have to go through extensive clinical trials before they can be sold to the public. In particular, any medical claims need to be backed up by the clinical trials, and the medicines also need to be tested for their safety. Side-effects must be assessed, and if there are significant side-effects then the medicine will not be approved.

In short, pharmacy-medicines (P-medicines) can only be licensed for sale if they work and are safe.

Health Pharm specialises in P medicines (Pharmacy Medicines).

Medicines supplied include:

Pharmacy-strength Treatments for excessive sweating, including Driclor and Anhydrol Forte.

Treatments for fungal infections. This includes fungal nail treatments such as Curanail, athlete's foot treatments such as Daktarin, and thrush treatments such as Canesten.

The popular hair loss treatment Regaine.

Weight loss treatments such as Alli.

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Pharmacy Medicines

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