Mum's the word - Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

Mum's the word - Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

Sunday 27th March is Mother’s Day. If you forget then you’ll never hear the end of it, so set a reminder to call your mum and thank her for everything she does. If you haven’t already arranged something to show your appreciation then don’t worry, there’s still time.

Mother’s day for me will involve two toddlers waking up stupidly early then loudly making a surprise breakfast that consists of lovingly moulded Plasticine ‘sausages’ and pretend cups of tea. On the plus side, I’m getting the cutest little Jimmy Choo miniature perfume set. I only know this because I ordered it for myself, but that’s beside the point!

All mums are different so if you’re getting her a well-deserved present then try to think about things she really enjoys. It doesn’t need to be a huge or expensive gift, just something that shows that you know your mum and have made the effort. Luckily for you ‘the effort’ involves just a couple of clicks and the perfect gift will be with you in a few days. We can’t help with the card though, that ones on you.

HealthPharm stocks a wide variety of products to suit every mum so check out our Mother’s day range for a bit of inspiration. If you want a bit of help to narrow it down, then here are some gift ideas depending on what ‘type’ of mum you have.

The Chocoholic

As if you weren’t lucky enough to have an awesome mum, you’ve even got one that is easy to buy for! You can’t take it for granted though, getting her some boring supermarket chocolate isn’t going to cut it. You can either stick with what your mum usually enjoys or go for something a bit different if you’re feeling brave.

The purist chocolate lover will love something like the Green & Blacks tasting collection, it has a great selection of flavours, both traditional and unique. If she prefers truffles then the Monty Bojangles truffles are divine, they have gorgeous packaging and won the taste awards in 2020.

Monty Bojangles Truffles

The Beauty Queen

Your mum is always the glamorous one and looks fabulous. Unfortunately, this type of mum can be hard to buy for. It’s almost impossible to get make-up for someone if they haven’t specifically told you what they want. If you don’t know your mum’s favourite make up brands (and colours) then don’t be afraid to ask. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something that won’t be used. If you’re going to take a chance then play it relatively safe with something like the Clarins Travel Colour Lip gloss, the neutral colours make it a great addition to any handbag.

The Lady of Leisure

Who can blame your mum for wanting to relax and have a little ‘me time’ after years of looking after children? If this sounds like your mum, then you’ve probably already booked her a luxury spa day…haven’t you?! If not then don’t worry, whether she likes to unwind in a bubble bath or with a facial or manicure, you’re going to be spoilt for choice with gift ideas. You can’t go wrong with bubbles or bath salts if your mum likes to relax in the bath so check out the HealthPharm range for some ideas. If you want something a little different then the Style and Grace Bubble Boutique contains foot cream and a fluffy pair of socks and sounds like a great way to unwind.

 Style and Grace

The Foodie

This mum enjoys great food and drinks, she spent years cooking for you and there wasn’t a turkey dinosaur in sight. Maybe she enjoys trying new recipes or baking. The obvious choice is a nice meal out, but you could always think outside the box for other gift ideas. Does she like going out for coffee? Then look at different types of coffee that you know she wouldn’t buy for herself.

If she’s big into baking, then what about a little package of high-quality ingredients that may inspire her to try something new. A few vanilla pods might seem a bit odd as part of a gift but trust me, a baker mum will love it. Get creative and check out our cooking range for all sorts of inspiring ingredients and gift ideas. 

The Zen Goddess

This type of mum has an air of calm about her and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. You might want to consider a candle or diffuser, and you get extra points if you know her favourite scents. If you’re not sure, then go for something luxurious and lightly scented such as the Woods of Windsor Linen candle. The smell of fresh linen is heavenly, especially if you didn’t have to do any laundry to achieve it!

The Clean Machine

It doesn’t matter how much your mum loves to keep a neat house, this is the one day a year when buying her something practical as a gift is a total no-no. It doesn’t matter if it’s diamond-encrusted washing up gloves or the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner. Mother’s day is mums day off so let her put her feet up and you can do the tidying. Maybe a beautiful bunch of flowers would help showcase that lovely, clean house.

Ultimately Mother’s Day isn’t all about the gifts, it’s about making your mum know that she’s special and you appreciate her. If you’ve put a bit of thought into a gift then we’re sure she’ll love it. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!  

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