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Beauty, bubble and bathing - find yourself the perfect bath set

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the endless supply of bubbles. I’m not talking about the ones that give you a hangover. I mean the never-ending supply of bath bubbles that you usually find under the tree. Bath and shower gift sets are the perfect Christmas gift because we tend not to buy the fancy stuff for ourselves so it makes a lovely treat.

There are many ways to divide a group of people. Marmite – love it or hate it? BREXIT – great plan or absolute disaster? Finally, and no less contentious, are you a bath or a shower person? Personally, I love a long bubble bath, especially during the winter. That said, I know plenty of people who can’t think of anything worse than soaking in the bath and much prefer a shower!

Unless you're buying gifts for people with terrible personal hygiene then it doesn’t matter because, for the most part, these gifts sets work for both baths and showers. The exception to this is bath fizzers, trying to scrub yourself with one of these in the shower is pretty much like using sandpaper.

There are a huge variety of bath products, and most sets contain a selection of items. We’re going to look at a few key items that might help sway your decision on what type of set is best for you.

Bath Fizzers – They used to be called bath bombs and I preferred that name. It made them sound way more exciting and a tad terrifying. I can’t argue with ‘bath fizzer’ though because that’s exactly what they do. You drop them into a bath, and they dissolve in a fizzy little dance, spreading colour, scent and even a bit of glitter if you’re super fancy. Even those who aren’t usually ‘bath people’ will get motivated to fill up the tub if they can launch bath bombs into it!

Lots of gift sets contain a cheeky bath fizzer but you can get specific sets such as the Style & Grace Glitz and Glam bath fizzer pyramid if you want to make bath time especially exciting.

Soap – I love soap and it has saddened me that it seems to have gone out of fashion over the past few years and body wash is taking over. Luckily soap is making a comeback, especially in gift sets. A good quality bar of soap feels so luxurious and leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturised, and smelling beautiful.

I always thought that soap making was an amazing process but that was based purely on watching the film Fight Club with Brad Pitt. My husband has just informed me that, spoiler alert, they absolutely weren’t making soap in that film.

Lots of sets contain soap along with other items but if you know you have a soap lover then why not go all out with the Yardley Luxury Soap collection? These soaps are the epitome of luxury and contain over 97% naturally derived ingredients and no parabens. These soaps have a delicate floral fragrance of lavender, rose and lily of the valley, that leaves your skin subtly fragranced and so soft.

Talc – Talc is another one that you don’t so see much anymore but there’s no better feeling than dusting your feet with talc after a bath to dry them out and make them smell amazing. Maybe this isn’t the ideal gift set for the teenagers in your life who may have no idea of what talc is. It’s perfect for parents and grandparents though as the mere sight of talc will bring back memories of squishy little baby bottoms.

The Yardley English Lavender Talc and Soap set is a winner. Yardley are experts in the high end, more traditional bath sets and the beautiful packaging makes it a great gift.

Hot Water Bottle – Admittedly this is a bit of a niche one. Not many sets include a hot water bottle, but everyone knows someone that always feels the cold, and this is ideal for them. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a hot water bottle on a cold evening. If you’re a forward planner then you can pop one into bed in advance to make it toasty warm when you go to sleep.

The Style and Grace Signature Home Comfort not only includes a hot water bottle with a lovely soft cover but also a bath fizzer and luxurious body butter. It’s perfect for friends or family that feel the cold…or for yourself!

Body wash – Yes, I’ve already professed my love for soap but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a great body wash. Body wash and shower gel have become a bathroom staple but there’s a big difference between the stuff you buy in the weekly shop and a luxury body wash.

The Firetrap For Her gift set is a prime example of a really special body wash. It leaves your skin smelling beautifully fragranced and adds a touch of luxury to your shower.

Body Lotion – A silky smooth body lotion is the best way to finish any bath or shower. It leaves your skin feeling amazing and smelling delicious.

The Style and Grace Puro Gift of the Glow set not only contains a gently fragranced and moisturising body lotion but also includes an amazing lip balm as an added extra.

Ultimately you can’t go wrong with a bath set as a gift. If you know the person well then you can pick it based on what they really like. If you don’t know their preferences, then the joy of a set is that it contains multiple items, so they’re bound to like at least some of them!

Check out our entire bath and body gift sets collection here for all your last-minute Christmas gifts.

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