Nutty about Nut butters

Nutty about Nut butters

Nuts and nut butters are more and more popular in recent times. First of all, there has been a growing move towards vegetarian and vegan foods. The smart ones who make up this growing trend will realise that they need to ensure adequate protein intake and one of the best sources of protein from non-animal sources is nuts. The other good thing about nuts is that when combined with most common carb sources (bread, rice, oats, etc.), the protein from those carbs has higher levels of certain essential amino acids which are found at low levels in the nuts - so when you put the two together, presto…you have high-quality protein!

Moreover, with nuts, it’s not all about protein. Nuts are jammed full of healthy monounsaturated fats. Many ‘mono’ fats are less likely to lead to fat storage versus other forms of fats. Incredibly, nuts harbour another key healthy nutrient in high concentrations - fibre! Fibre is associated with controlling hunger, improving your gut bacteria and improved health and resistance to disease.

Not surprisingly, given all of these amazing nutritional attributes, studies show that people who eat more nuts are leaner and healthier than those who rarely eat them. It’s ironic that the advice used to be that nuts are too high in fat and so should be avoided in those who want to lead a leaner, healthier life!? These days there are any number of nut butter spreads, some have added protein from whey and other sources and are flavoured with chocolate and a whole host of other flavours, from coffee and cinnamon to cookie dough, while others come from almond, cashew and sunflower seeds.

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