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Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement Apple Taste with Vitamin C 28 Daily Sachets 700ml

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Delicious apple taste with vitamin C 28 ready to drink sachets - ideal to use on the go! Scientifically shown to help top up iron levels Suitable for all the family from 2 years onwards Apple concentrate made from 100% natural source Gentle on the stomach - especially suitable for people with a low tolerance of solid iron supplements Gluten free No artificial colours Suitable for vegetarians
Liquid iron food supplement with added vitamin C. Iron is an essential mineral for the human body, required to transport oxygen around your body and ensure vitality and energy release. Iron also plays a key role in helping to maintain a healthy immune system and sustain concentration levels. Spatone Apple simply combines 100% natural iron-rich water sourced from the mountains of Snowdonia, with a delicious apple taste and added vitamin C. Spatone Apple is scientifically shown to provide iron in a form that is readily available for the body to use, helping to safeguard your daily iron intake while causing fewer of the side effects often experienced with iron supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation or headaches.# #Worwood M (Univ. of Wales College of Medicine) et al, "iron absorption from a natural mineral water" in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 1996 / McKenna et al, 2003. Over 91% of women aged 16-64 in the UK do not get sufficient iron from their diet.* *Department of Health, the National Dietary and Nutritional Survey: adults aged 16-64. Volume 3, London UK, 2003. Pregnancy and menstruation both increase the body's requirement for iron.

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