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Lizi's Granola Original 500g

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Naturally indulgent toasted cereal GL tested Perfectly measured for slow energy release Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
My home baked granola was always a favourite with guests at my Oxfordshire B&B in the 1990's but it took several years as an organic farmer in Wales for me to realise the importance of real food which inspired me to develop my range of granolas. Now I look around the world for natural ingredients with exciting flavours for your breakfast table. This is my Original Granola. There have been some refinements since the early days in the B & B: nowadays there's no wheat, no peanuts and less sugar, but it still retains the essential flavour and crunchiness that first appealed to so many people. There's something about this cereal that works really well with the addition of fresh fruits. Add yoghurt or milk and you have one of the healthiest, greatest tasting breakfasts it is possible to eat. Slow energy release All my granolas are specially formulated to have a low GL (glycaemic load) per serving. This means that unlike many breakfast cereals the energy is released slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. A single 50g serving should keep you going until lunchtime and avoid the mid morning cravings that come with so many other cereals.

Amount per 50g serving Calories 248kcal 12%, Sugar 5g 6%, Fat 14.6g 21%, Sat Fat 3.7g 19%, Salt 0.015g 0.2% percentage of Guideline Daily Amounts GL Measured Glycaemic Load 5.5g Glucose Equivalent per serving You can recycle this bag as mixed plastic PET/LDPE where facilities exist


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