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Itsu Miso Soups Original 3 x 25g (75g)

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There are may reference to how healthy miso is on the web. It's full of nutrients and fibre. Just Google it.
Our delicious instant miso made from paste, not powder Volleyball England Beach Tour - official partner 44 calories per serving Itsu miso soup is free from MSG
Miso soup, famously healthy & light, is the staple of Japanese cuisine. It is made from cooked soybeans blended with natural yeast, rice or barley. Wakame, bonito flakes, spring onion & tofu are usually added. Itsu miso soup is free from MSG.
Eat Beautiful Itsu is dedicated to butterfly light, law fat, delicious food. Our award winning shops & restaurants are dotted across London & beyond, paving the way for Asian inspired food & drink on the go. Welcome to our eat beautiful menu... bright salads, fields of crunchy vegetables, hot & nutritious brown rice & noodles, light soups, 'low carb' bentos, fresh sushi, go go pots, skinny salad sandwiches, mayonnaise-free sauces & zero fat frozen yoghurt. Do try special miso soup in itsu shops and restaurant, it's delicious. This is our instant version and it isn't half bad... it's made with soya, seaweed and a touch of soy sauce.



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