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Good Hemp Fit Shake Strawberry 500g

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100% natural With stevia Complete with Omega 3, GLA & fibre 13g of protein and less than 110 calories per serving Contains 0.00% THC No added sugar Free from lactose, gluten, dairy, GMO, hexane and pesticides Vegetarian Society Approved Suitable for vegetarian/vegan/raw diets Vegetarian Society approved
Natural protein shake for toning and body sculpting after gym, yoga or exercise. Why choose Good Fit Shake Protein? Good Fit Shake, made from natural hemp protein powder, is naturally rich in: Protein, Omega 3 (EFAs), Dietary Fibre Good Fit Shake is a unique plant based source of "complete protein" - containing all 20 amino acids, including the 10 essential amino acids, high dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Good Fit Shake will help you feel fuller for longer, providing a comprehensive nutritional supplement. Combined with a regular exercise regime, it is the most balanced way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Rich in Protein Protein is necessary in our diets to build and repair muscle, to support muscle tone and to reduce food cravings. Rich in Omega 3 (Essential Fatty Acids) One serving of Good Fit Shake gives 35% of our recommended intake of Omega 3 (2g per day - Guidelines: European FSA). Rich in Dietary Fibre Good Fit Shake is a source of dietary fibre, required for healthy digestion. Fibre also helps you feel fuller for longer. Good Protein Digestion and Metabolism Good Fit Shake is easy to digest. It does not cause bloating. The Hemp protein in Good Fit Shake contains 65% Edestin, a globular protein which is ideal for the body to metabolise. This is the highest amongst all plant proteins.
With over 10 years experience producing the finest quality hemp, Braham & Murray specialise in hemp ingredients developed for human nutrition. Good Hemp is highly beneficial to the environment. Which means it's good for us and great for the Planet.

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