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Ecover All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets Citrus 25 Tablets 500g

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With rinse aid and salt action Phosphate free to help protect aquatic life Quick drying formula to avoid streaks Shifts dried-on food and leaves dishes sparkling Good Housekeeping Institute approved 2014 UNEP award Cruelty-free international
These powerful dishwasher tablets will shift dried-on food and grease to make your dishes, cutlery and glassware sparkle with a streak-free shine. For people with busy days our all-in-one tablets already contain rinse-aid and salt action, just pop in the tab and run the machine. Phosphates add extra nutrients to waterways, making algae grow faster and starving the water of oxygen. Fish don't like this. So we don't use them. We use a formula which dries quickly on your washing-up so glasses and cutlery are not left with drips or streaks, just sparkle and shine. The 25 little gems in this box come from years of clever chemistry in our labs, making products that are safely absorbed by nature after use.
Get nature on your side At Ecover, we have been pioneering green science for over 30 years to get nature on our side and bring you effective dishwashing products which use sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients to leave your dishes, cutlery and glassware sparkling clean.

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