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Alara Into the Garden Gluten Free Organic Muesli Active 400g

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100% organically grown ingredients Over 53% of seeds, nuts and apple Gluten & wheat free Source of protein No added sugar - contains only naturally occurring sugars High fibre Very low sodium Suitable for vegans
An amazing gluten free muesli for all active people, with amaranth, quinoa, apple and masses of seeds and nuts By combining the different dietary properties of carefully selected, unique ingredients active muesli has been formulated to meet the requirements of a busy and demanding lifestyle. Everything in this muesli is remarkable: very light from puffed amaranth, sweetened only with apple, with lots of seeds and nuts. Naturally rich in minerals and vitamins for metabolism and energy, low in natural sugars and gluten free.
Come into our garden It's gorgeous! Actually there are now quite a few gardens around our friendly factory, all growing food: a Permaculture forest garden, a community garden, an orchard and a vineyard - and more to come! They represent all that we cherish and stand for, and in our eyes are the very definitions of making cities more sustainable, greener and happier! We have over 100 fruit trees and shrubs, as well as strawberries, asparagus, potatoes, beans - you name it! We grow food and sequester quite a lot of carbon. If you are too far to visit during one of the open days, enjoy our delicious muesli instead. They also come from organic fields, orchards and gardens that nurture nature... Ever since 1975 When we produced our first bowl of cereals, we have devoted every year to creating the tastiest and healthiest muesli in a way that would also be kind to the earth. From sourcing locally whenever possible, supporting organic farming, developing food growing community gardens and significantly reducing our carbon footprint, we hope that little things make a Big difference. Our dedication to creating a healthy, sustainable environment has borne many fruits over the years. We are proud to be the first cereal company in the world to be certified Organic, licensed by the Coeliac Society, working with the Fairtrade Foundation and Zero Waste. A word from Alex... Alex Smith started Alara in 1975 with £2 found on the street. He is passionate about food (muesli in particular), a keen gardener and very serious sustainability: "Growing food is a great way to keep fit. Instead of spending time just exercising, by digging, planting, pruning and mulching I enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet and have a great work out. The healthy and tasty fresh fruit and vegetables are a real bonus and it feels good to know I am doing my bit to keep the planet healthy as well." Welcome the Sun* *Our delicious & sustaining cereals depend on the warmth & life giving energy of the Sun. Our future lies with alternative sustainable ways of living also depending on the Sun.

A bowl of active (30g + 180g of semi-skimmed milk) = 242 cal GB-ORG-05 EU/Non-EU Agriculture Ingredients sourced from various countries The cardboard of this box is made from sustainably sourced wood in an ISO 14001 certified company. Please recycle this box!


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