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Sominex Herbal 30 Tablets

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Sominex Herbal Tablets is a herbal sleep remedy that helps promote a natural, calming sleep.
Sominex Herbal 30 Tabs are full of valerian, bounces and passion flower that are mixed in the right proportion to allow the user to normally relax and let you rest peacefully. The leep-inducing properties of these tablets normally relieve the brain and body so that you can put aside the worries of your tiresome day and get a goodnight’s rest. 

For the individuals who are inclined towards rest cures with natural active ingredients, Sominex Herbal is a natural solution for them. Sominex Herbal 30 Tabs contain a perfect mix of herbs that are particularly intended to offer a peaceful nap. Mixing valerian, hops and passion flower, Sominex Herbal is a traditional natural therapeutic method that does not cause any kind of side-effect and offers a natural solution for your problems. 

It is advisable to take the advice of your doctor before consuming this medicine and especially if you are pregnant you should consult your doctor.



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