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Veganin Tablets 30 Tablets

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Containing three active ingredients, namely, paracetamol, codeine and caffeine, the Veganin Triple Action tablets are mixed together to cure mild to moderate aches such as headaches, period pains and toothaches. Also, this tablet does not contain any components that are derived from animals and can easily be consumed by people living on vegetarian diet.

Each film-coated white capsule contains paracetamol and codeine, both being analgesics, pain is relieved swiftly. Besides, paracetamol also acts as an antipyretic (reduces body temperature) and also as mild anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling). Caffeine is a stimulant that helps the patient to stay awake and increases the mental activity. It also accelerates the efficiency of paracetamol.

Relieving the patient from a number of problems such as headaches, migraine, rheumatic pain, toothache, neuralgia and backache, this medicine is recommended for adults and children who are above the age of 12 years. Also, you should not take more than 8 tablets in 24 hours.

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