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Samaritan Olive Oil 185ml

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Care Samaritan Olive Oil 185ml is a natural formulation made of 100% refined and extra virgin olive oil. This solution helps in clearing out the wax that gets blocked in the ear.
According to the ear’s internal cleaning mechanism, oil and fat present in the ear canal catch particles and throw them out of the ear in the form of wax. Excessive use of cotton buds, tissue papers or towels for cleaning the ear canal can make the wax to be pushed inside the ear, thus, causing blockage, pain, ringing sound (tinnitus) and hearing impairment.
- Use Care Samaritan Olive Oil to soften the wax gently in order to remove it in a convenient manner.
- Lie down and keeps the affected ear upwards, i.e., facing the ceiling.
- Drop 1 to 2 drops of this oil into the ear and tilt the head for a few minutes.

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