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Clinically verified, E45 Dermatological Emollient Bath Oil soothes and moisturises dry, irritated skin. It is suitable for both adults and children. Take a relaxing bath for just 10 minutes with this unique emollient oil that comes with long-lasting benefits such as relief from itching, easing irritation and increased smoothness.

E45 Emollient Bath Oil locks in your skin's natural oils, strengthening its resistance power and at the same time nourishing it with all the goodness, for which E45 is famous, facilitating you to get a peaceful sleep at night.

The formula is very effective and is suggested by dermatologists to fight the symptoms from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and ichthyosis.

This bottle of 500ml is a perfect pick for the whole family.

Use this bath oil every day that prevent your skin from redness and dryness leaving it silky smooth, apart from this, it offers you a reason to unwind and grab a bit of quiet time.

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