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Radian B Muscle Rub

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Radian B Muscle Rub is a topical analgesic cream which relieves the symptoms of aches and pains such as:
- Sprains
- Bruising
- Fibrositis
- Muscle stiffness

Massaging the rub into the sore effected area will help relieve symptoms.

- Family sized 100g tube.
- A Multi-Action Painkiller rub.
- Symptomatic relief from aches and pains.
- Suitable for Adults and Children over 6.

For best results the Muscle Rub is best applied after a warm bath as the muscles are relaxed and the pores are open. It is advised that you do not cover the skin immediately after application.

Radian B Muscle Rub is not suitable:
- If pregnant, do not use this medicine without first consulting your doctor. It may be used by mothers who are breast feeding.
- On irritated skin, face, eyes and sensitive areas.
- If you are taking warfarin without first consulting your doctor.
- If you are allergic or sensitive to aspirin or any of the ingredients of this medicine.
- If you are taking warfarin without first consulting your doctor.
- Children under the age of 6.

Radian B may have possible side effects such as contact dermatitis, eczema or allergic reactions such as headaches or a skin rash. If this does occur you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.



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