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Bell's Pholcodine Linctus B.P. 200ml

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Pholcodine Linctus 200ml is now the recommended replacement for codeine linctus. it is just as effective but manages to avoid the problems that are encountered with the use of codeine.
Bell’s Pholcodine Linctus Bp 200ml is a trusted and fast-relief cough suppressant. It provides relief from acute non-productive cough that is associated with upper respiratory tract infection, cold and flu.
Cough medicines are commonly bought to treat coughs that occur when you have an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). Cough medicines are often divided into those for a dry cough, and those for a chesty cough. It is thought that cough medicines do not really work
This oral formula puts a check on the urge to cough and, therefore, relieves chest irritation and discomfort.
- Recommended for adults, elderly and children above 6 years of age.
- Read the label and shake well before use.
- This product may cause drowsiness, if drowsiness occurs do not drive any vehicles or machinery which may cause danger



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