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Peditech Acti Fresh Foot Spray 100ml

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Guaranteed to stop foot odour 100% satisfaction money back guarantee Up to 8 months supply Use on feet & in shoes Cools feet instantly Aerosol free 360 degree pump works at any angle 7-day protection against foot odour Dynamic action stops bacteria Bacteria mixes with sweat Environmentally friendly No hydrogen peroxide Kind to skin

How ActiFresh works

ActiFresh is unlike any other foot odour product. It works dynamically with your body to eliminate the cause of foot odour - the bacteria. The ActiFresh dynamic action only occurs when bacteria are present. This ensures it is effective for even the most severe cases of foot odour.

Will ActiFresh work for me?

ActiFresh has been formulated to be effective for: Severe foot odour, diabetics/poor circulation, active lifestyles, wearing sandals or shoes with no socks, wearing synthetic or leather shoes, occasional sufferers of foot odour, children & teenagers Targets bacteria Unlike deodorants and antiperspirants which only target the symptoms of the foot odour, ActiFresh directly targets the cause - bacteria. 7-day protection†

The ActiFresh 2-step treat & prevent action creates a climate in which bacteria cannot thrive ensuring 7-day protection from even the most severe foot odour. † In specific cases, more than 1 application per week can be used if desired.

Use on feet & in shoes ActiFresh targets odour-causing bacteria which live on feet and in shoes.

Use ActiFresh on your feet & in shoes to provide maximum protection against foot odour. Cools feet instantly The ActiFresh odour-neutralising formula will quickly evaporate from your skin leaving feet feeling instantly cooled & refreshed.



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