Vegan Mango Chicken Curry

Vegan Mango Chicken Curry
Vegan Mango Chicken Curry🌱

Autumn is officially in full swing which means lots of warming curries, soups, stews and generally cosy dinners!

I kicked October off with this delicious vegan friendly mango chicken curry - it’s sweet, spicy and so flavoursome! Honestly a fool proof recipe, takes a short amount of time to prepare and you can freeze any you don’t use👏🏼 you can also prepare this in a slow cooker to save even more time in the kitchen!

The soya chunks are quickly becoming a go to meat replacement for me - the texture is so good and they work so well in a dish with lots of seasoning! These and the creamy coconut milk I used are available at Health Pharm along with so many more vegan + vegetarian staples 💚

Recipe (serves 4)


• 1 tin coconut milk (I used Biona Light Coconut Milk)
• Vegan chicken replacement (I used 100g Clearspring Gluten Free Soya Chunks )
• 350g mango chunks (approx 2 medium mangos) - note, use riper mangoes for a sweeter dish
• 1/2 jar (150g) mango chutney
• 1tbsp cornflour mixed into a paste using water: to thicken
• 200g chopped mushrooms
• 2 chopped bell peppers
• 1 curry leaf
• Tsp cumin
• Tsp salt
• Tsp turmeric
• 2x tsp black pepper
• Rice, parsley + naan bread to serve


1. Prepare soya pieces (clearspring ones take 10 minutes to rehydrate in a bowl of boiling water)
2. Chop mango, mushrooms + peppers into chunks and sit to one side
3. Add coconut milk to saucepan and let it simmer on a medium heat
4. Stir in mango chutney and add in mango chunks, peppers + mushrooms
5. Add spices + curry leaf now, stir well then let simmer on a low-medium heat for 30 minutes
6. Cook rice and naan bread according to individual packet instructions while the curry cooks
7. Add corn-starch mixture to thicken the curry, mix well + leave for a further 5 minutes
8. Serve up with rice and naan bread, top with some parsley + dig in.

Mango chicken curry was my favourite dish before going vegetarian and I cannot believe it’s taken me 7 years to reinvent a plant based version of it - this is proof that any good meal can be just as good (or better) using vegan alternatives, so don’t be intimidated 🙌🏼

I made this when visiting my family this week + it went down so well! I already know it’s going to be a go to dinner for me for the foreseeable!

Hope everyone who tries this loves it as much as I did! Enjoy 🌱🌱🌱

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  • Katie Rowlands
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