Tisserand - Find your 12 Scents of Christmas

Tisserand - Find your 12 Scents of Christmas

Tisserand is a renowned aromatherapy brand based right here in the UK. Despite its local roots, the company sources ingredients from all around the world and has a global customer base. Established in 1974 by the talented aromatherapist Robert Tisserand, Tisserand is proud to produce the finest 100% natural, pure essential oils of uncompromising quality.

Tisserand Logo

Tisserand boasts a wide variety of holistic products, ranging from pure essential oils, bath oils and soaks, diffuser oils and pre-blended oils. Aromatherapy is different for everyone, it’s an ever-changing science depending on what scents you like, what feeling you want to achieve and what memories or emotions certain aromas evoke. So, if you’re new to essential oils we recommend trying one of the many pre-blended sets.

If you’re already an aromatherapy aficionado, you know your Bergamot from your Patchouli and exactly what you need to get your chakras back in line, then you’ve probably already heard of Tisserand (they’re a pretty big deal in the essential oils world). You will know what essential oils you need and will find a wide range of them at Healthpharm. We recommend Sweet almond ethically harvested blending oil as the perfect carrier base for making your own essential oil blends. We aren’t technically allowed to say it’s magic BUT it is a great all-round oil for both aromatherapy and use on your hair or skin!

Tisserand Aromatherapy De-Stress Bath Oil

Bubbles are out (unless we're talking about Prosecco), and bath oils have taken over when it comes to luxury bath products. Instead of a giant pile of bubbles, you can relax into warm, nourishing oil-infused water and allow the carefully selected combination of fragrances to transport your mind into tranquillity.

Tisserand De-Stress Bath Oil

A delicate blend of geranium, nutmeg and orange oils will soak away all your stress and leave you feeling blissfully calm and ready for a great night’s sleep. If you fall in love with this luxurious oil then make sure you try out the other Tisserand bath oils. The lavender and chamomile oil is another one of our favourites, with hydrating sweet coconut and almond oil to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.  

Bath oil

To complete the perfect night time routine you can follow your dreamy bath with a gentle massage using Sweet Dreams body oil and spritzing your pillow with  Sweet Dreams pillow mist.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Little Wellbeing Wonders

New to aromatherapy and not sure where to start? Struggling to buy the ideal Christmas gift? Then look no further than the Tisserand Little Wellbeing Wonders gift set. The set contains 4 carefully blended MoodFix oil combinations. Happy Vibes, Total De-Stress, Real Calm and Sleep Better.

 Tisserand Little Wellbeing Wonders

Mixing oils to create scents you like is fairly easy but it requires years of training and in-depth understanding of essential oils and their properties to develop blends for specific purposes. That is where Tisserand stands out, they use top aromatherapists to perfect these unique Moodfix combinations that gently tune your body into a new mood.

Little Wellbeing wonders bottles

The Little Wellbeing Wonders oils are perfect for on the go when you need a pick me up and equally ideal for at home when it’s time to wind down. Treat yourself!

Tisserand Mind Clear Pulse Point Rollerball 

It’s been a rough year and we’ve all had a lot to deal with and that’s why these handy little aromatherapy rollerballs are everyone’s best friend right now. Whether you’re stressed and need a moment of calm, or you’re a little lethargic and need an energy boost, these magical oil blends will transform your mindset.

 Tisserand Rollerballs

The joy of these little rollerballs is that they are travel-sized and can be discreetly applied to your pulse points (your wrists, temples, neck and behind your ears) whenever you need. There they are quickly absorbed and get working straight away, leaving you to enjoy their delicate fragrance.

Tisserand has developed oil blends with specific purposes to channel your energy wherever it needs to be:

Focus -  Rosemary, Grapefruit and Orange Leaf

De-Stress - Orange, Geranium and Nutmeg

Energy – Lime, Grapefruit and Orange Leaf

Sleep – Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender

 Tisserand Mind clear Roll on

The best way to see what works for you is to try the Little Wellbeing Wonders set mentioned above, but if you just want to pick one rollerball then we recommend the Tisserand Mind Clear Rollerball. The revitalising Peppermint, soothing Lavender and uplifting Lemon is perfect for balancing your mind and emotions in any situation.  

Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser

It’s sleek, has gentle mood lighting and using the right oils this diffuser might even spread enough calming energy to diffuse any Christmas family tensions. Admittedly we don’t know the exact essential oil combination required to guarantee a relaxing Christmas day with your in-laws, but try whatever oils take you to your happy place.

 Tisserand Diffuser

The Tisserand diffuser is an ideal gift for either yourself or someone who’s impossible to buy for and loves something unique or unusual. The almost silent vibrations create a gentle mist that carries the essential oil fragrance into the air. You can add your favourite scents and use it as a room air freshener or add calming oils and turn on the gentle mood lighting for relaxation or meditation   

HealthPharm carries a wide variety of Tisserand products and there really is something for everyone. Take a look for yourself here.


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