Level up your spring clean with these top tips and awesome products

Level up your spring clean with these top tips and awesome products

Spring has sprung! We’ve had some sunshine; the daffodils are out and lambs are skipping in the fields. Spring means lighter evenings, BBQs with friends and all the other good stuff that comes after a long and miserable winter. Spring also means it’s time for a good spring clean. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that a deep clean is cathartic and is great prep for when we can finally have people inside our homes again. 

A big clean is also a great opportunity to look at the cleaning products you mindlessly buy from the supermarket and ask yourself, is there anything better I could be using? Overhauling your cleaning supplies not only makes the job quicker and easier but also gives you peace of mind that what your using isn’t harmful to your family, pets or the environment. 

We understand that a full spring clean is daunting, so we’ve broken down a few areas you might not have thought about and added products that we think you’ll love. You can browse the rest of our entire range of cleaning products here.  




  1. Toilet TLC:

Give your loo a good scrub and add a toilet block to keep it fresh.

Ecover Toilet Cleaner Sea Breeze and Sage – It might look like a bleach bottle but this contains no chemicals and is even suitable for sensitive skin. Use it like your normal product for a great clean and refreshing, non-synthetic, scent.

 Ecover toilet cleaner

Harpic Power Fresh Toilet Block – Prevents limescale and leaves your toilet with an exotic tropical smell keeping it fresh between flushes.

 Harpic Toilet block

  1. Deep clean your bath and shower:

No - just because they are always full of water doesn’t mean they are self-cleaning…

Attitude Daily Shower and Tile Cleaner – Combining nature and technology, this plant-based formula is both natural and efficient. The powerful spray removes soap scum, mold and mildew, leaving your shower and bath sparkling clean.

 Attitude shower and Tile cleaner

  1. Review your general bathroom cleaning spray:

Find a great antibacterial spray that leaves your bathroom clean and smelling great without harmful chemicals. 

Bio D Bathroom Cleaner (5ltr) – This cleaner is ultra-efficient in preventing watermarks and limescale and can be used on most non-porous surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning your entire bathroom. Plus, when buying in bulk, you don’t have to worry about running out.

 Bio D bathroom cleaner

  1. Invest in cleaning wipes:

Wipes are perfect for a quick bathroom clean to keep everything in ship shape.

Dettol 2 in 1 Antibacterial Wipes – These wipes can be used on both surfaces and hands, so they are perfect for either in the bathroom or on the go.

 Dettol wipes



  1. Replace sponges/scourers/scrubbing brushes:

They are grimy and stinky so just ditch them; they’ve served you well but it’s time to say goodbye.

EcoCoconut cleaning brush – It’s naturally antibacterial, contains no toxic products and can reach all those difficult places. Replace your hideous plastic brush with something a little classier.


  1. Add salt and rinse aid to your dishwasher and put it on a rinse /cleaning cycle:

Firstly, clean out whatever gross stuff is lurking in the filter…

EcoZone Rinse Aid – Using natural ingredients this product clears away residual particles and makes your dishes and glassware dry faster and without smearing.  

Ecozone rinse aid 

  1. Review your washing up liquid:

Especially if you’re like me and buy it based purely on price and smell. Have you considered buying in bulk?

Sodasan lemon washing up liquid (5ltr) - You already have a washing up bottle next to the sink so why not bulk buy a refill that will last you for the entire year (and beyond!). Containing a rich blend of plant washing power this liquid has intense fat-dissolving cleaning power but it’s gentle on both your hands and your conscious.

 Sodasan Washing up liquid

  1. Top up with dishwasher tablets and consider changing the programme:

Using a dishwasher is easy but it’s not that environmentally friendly. Can you switch to eco-friendly tablets that are compatible with a lower temperature eco wash?

Ecover all in one dishwasher tablets – Containing rinse aid and salt action along with a powerful de-greasing effect. These lemon and mandarin fragranced tablets are plant and mineral-based, are never tested on animals and have fully recyclable packaging. Also available in packs of 100.

Ecover dishwasher tablets  

  1. Buy fancy new rubber gloves:

Or buy boring but ethically sound gloves that you could accessorise…

Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves – Made from fair trade natural Sri Lankan rubber and keep your hands dry. What more do you want?

Fairtraide rubber gloves 


Washing clothes is something we do on autopilot (while searching for loose change in pockets and marveling at how much fluff comes out of the drier). Take this opportunity to rethink your daily washing products.


  1. Review washing powder/liquid:

Yes, you’re stuck in a rut and need to consider new possibilities.

EcoZone Laundry Balls – Replace your normal powder or liquid with these hypoallergenic, detergent free balls that leave clothes clean and smelling fresh. Another bonus is that they don’t need replacing for up to 1000 washes.

 Ecozone eco balls

Attitude Laundry Liquid Detergent Wildflowers – Created from amazing smelling plant extracts such a green tea, this hypoallergenic formula has incredible cleaning and deodorising properties. Plus, it’s biodegradable, sustainable and contains no irritating enzymes, that’s a lot of fancy words meaning it’s good for you and the environment.

Attitude fabric softener  

  1. Review fabric softener:

You deserve better than clothes that smell of a nasty synthetic fragrance.

Method Fabric Softener Tropical Coconut –  Using naturally derived ingredients this delicious smelling fabric softener reduces static and clinginess of clothing.

 Method fabric softener

  1. Review stain removers:

Shifting stains doesn’t necessarily need harsh chemicals.

Ecover stain remover – Using a plant-based formula, this product is gentle on the skin but removes even the toughest of stains. Check out our customers' reviews for the list of tried and tested items that this product has worked on. Honestly, we’re a little worried about how many bloodstains our customers have needed to remove…

Ecover stain remover  

Hopefully, this has given you a bit of inspiration to get out your duster, brush away the cobwebs and welcome in the spring. If it hasn’t, then we’ve failed you and it’s time to hire a cleaner…

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