Make this Easter special with these unique chocolate treats

Make this Easter special with these unique chocolate treats

Nothing about the past year has been expected, so why should Easter be any different? This Easter we are saying yes to celebrating, yes to chocolate but no to normal. Normal is so 2019. We want better than normal, we want weird, wacky and wonderful.

We aren’t monsters! We aren’t proposing replacing the Easter Bunny or imposing a no chocolate before 10 am rule but we are looking at more unusual chocolatey Easter Treats.


If mixing up Easter is one step too far for you then don’t worry. You can check out all of our amazing chocolate range here. If you do fancy a change from your trusted favourites this year, then have a look below for some Easter Treats with a twist.

Moo Free Orange Milk Chocolate Hamster

I admit that I didn’t attend Sunday School every week as a kid but still, I’m pretty confident that there were no hamsters in the Easter story. That’s why I love this one so much, you can’t get more random than an Easter Hamster. To top it off, it’s a chocolate orange flavour Hamster! I thought there was an unwritten rule that orange chocolate was a Christmas thing. What is this madness?!

Moo Free Hamster

Moo Free chocolate isn’t just great chocolate, it’s soya, dairy and nut-free chocolate and it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans. That means that everyone can have an Easter Hamster this year!

Montezuma’s Clucky Milk Chocolate Chick with Chocolate Buttons

I can see why you would be confused by this one, chicks and Easter are a standard combination so what’s unusual about these? Erm, have you seen them? These are either some kind of rare breed penguin or they were crafted by a chocolatier who has never seen a chicken before. They look hilariously ridiculous and will make anyone smile.


Montezuma chocolate is rich and smooth so these funny little ‘birds’ are a great gift for adults and children alike.

There’s something about these odd-looking creatures that makes me want to bite their chocolatey heads off. Yes, I should probably speak to a therapist about that urge, but I don’t believe I’m alone on this one. If you know what I mean, then you might prefer Montezuma’s The Three Chicklateers instead, so you can chomp off three delicious heads instead of one.

Tony’s White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy Bar

I don’t know who Tony is but if the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus ever get the boot then I vote we hire Tony to do their job and distribute bars of chocolate to everyone. These chocolate bars are quirky and delicious with randomly shaped segments (so you can always choose the biggest piece!).  

Tony's white chocolate and raspberry

White chocolate and raspberry are always a fun little flavour combo but it’s the popping candy that takes this creation to the next level. What even is popping candy? Why don’t we have it in more stuff? Why does it make me so irrationally happy? I don’t have the answers, I just know that you need to try this chocolate bar and Easter is a great excuse!

If white chocolate isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of other awesome flavours to try, including;

 chocolate Tomy's pretzel

Why not treat yourself to six of Tony’s best-loved flavours with Tony’s Rainbow Six Pack?

Tony's Six Pack


Mallow & Marsh Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Marshmallows Gift Box

Marshmallows are the Marmite of confectionary, people either love them or hate them. I wasn’t a fan until I tried some of the Mallow and Marsh flavours and now, I’m hooked. The marshmallow is squishy but firm, sweet but not too sweet and chewy but not sticky - basically, they’re marshmallow perfection.

Mallow & Marsh


The handmade raspberry marshmallow is fruity and tangy but the dark chocolate coating balances them out and leaves a rich finish. These are some of the most moreish Easter treats you can find. If you like the tradition of hiding Easter Eggs then you can do then same with marshmallows, except you hide them all in your mouth!

If your only experience of marshmallows is in hot chocolate then don’t be afraid to do the same with these, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Montezuma’s Hot Pickle 37% Cocoa Milk Chocolate with Chilli and Lime

Montezuma has already had a shout out because of their funny looking ‘chicks’ but we just can’t ignore some of their more bizarre chocolate flavours. If any other company released ‘Hot Pickle’ chocolate, we would go check they were okay, but with Montezuma we know they are just eccentric chocolate geniuses. Montezuma is our top pick for dark chocolate lovers who aren’t afraid to try new flavours.

Montezuma's Hot Pickle


I’m willing to bet that you’ve never given, or received, chilli and lime chocolate for Easter before, so why not start now? Think super creamy dark chocolate with an immediate lime hit that’s followed by some warming chilli heat. It’s a flavour rollercoaster. For some other weird and wonderful flavour combinations check out these other Montezuma products:

Happy Hippy – Dark chocolate with Orange and Geranium

Cherry Pie – 70% dark chocolate with a Cherry Truffle filling

Absolute Black – Dark chocolate with Sea Salt and Hemp

Sea Dog – Dark chocolate with Lime and Sea Salt.

 Montezuma's Geranium Montezuma Lime and Sea Salt

Well now you have absolutely no excuse for boring Easter chocolate. Spread a little Easter cheer!

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