Mum's the Word! Find the perfect gift for Mothers' Day

Mum's the Word! Find the perfect gift for Mothers' Day

Mothers’ day is more important than ever this year. A lot of us haven’t been able to show how much we love our mothers in person over the past year so it’s the perfect excuse to spoil them rotten. We can’t take our mums out for lunch to say thank you, so instead, we’ve compiled a few gift ideas that will fill the gap until you can see them again.

You know your mum better than anyone, so take a look at our huge selection of gifts here. Whether your mum likes edible treats, perfume, skincare products or lots of little things, you’ll find plenty of inspiration as you search the HealthPharm website. 

Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Moschino Miniatures Gift Set 


I spat my coffee out laughing when I first saw this gift set as it couldn’t be more perfect for Mothers’ Day. As a cheeky little nod to all of the cleaning that poor mums end up doing, the bottles of this gorgeous fragrance are shaped like cleaning product sprays. In true Moschino style, the bottles might be quirky but the selection of five fruity and floral scents are absolute classics.

As far as gift sets go, this one ticks all the boxes. Everyone knows the Moschino brand; the box has a beautiful design and the fragrances are divine. On top of that, you might just make your mum laugh!

 Style and Grace Signature Boutique Gift Set

I’m under no illusions that the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign in this set won’t stop your little monsters trying to get in the bathroom every 5 minutes, so you might need to invest in a lock to enjoy this one. If your children are grown-ups, then a firm word about boundaries should suffice!

After a hectic day of trying to balance homeschooling with child entertainment and cooking and cleaning, there’s no better feeling than sinking into a hot bubble bath to unwind in the evening. The Style and Grace Boutique bath set contains everything you need for a serious relaxation session (well apart from a glass of wine or a cup of tea!). Bubble bath and bath bombs take care of the bath aspect, while body spray and a candle create the perfect atmosphere. The body puff lets to wash all the stress away and a little lotion finishes the experience and leaves you feeling silky smooth.

REN Clean Skincare Face Favourites

This year will be my first Mothers’ Day as a mum and I’m the first to admit that over the past 7 months my face has mysteriously aged by about 17 years. I’m not sure whether it’s the consistent lack of sleep and no time for any skincare or just a bizarre coincidence, but I do know that I need some great face cream before people start to think I’m a grandma.

I’d love to commit to a hardcore skincare regime, but I just don’t have time. I need something that’s great quality and versatile, with something a little extra when I have a spare moment. The REN clean skincare range is ideal. The soft and soothing day cream is great for everyday use, and the young and beautiful beauty shot gives skin a massive moisture boost, leaving it feeling plumped up and refreshed. When you do get a few minutes to yourself then the hydrating facemask is a lovely treat and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

Booja Booja Truffle Selection No1

Booja Booja No1

If your go-to Mothers’ day gift is a box of chocolates that you grabbed from the petrol station, then this one is for you. Firstly, let me warn you, your mum is not looking forward to that familiar purple box for the tenth year running, even though the man in the advert was very handsome back in the day! It’s time to shake things up with some melt in the mouth chocolates made with the finest organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic.  

The Booja Booja truffle selection box No 1 showcases some of their more indulgent flavours including Fine de Champagne, Cherry Cognac, Rum Sozzled Sultana and Around Midnight Espresso.

Booja Booja

If you just can’t tear yourself away from a purple box and your mum likes more daring favour combinations then the Booja Booja Truffle selection No2 might be more her style. The more unusual flavours include Rhubarb and Vanilla Fool and Banoffee Toffee, whilst the trusted favourites, Almond and Sea Salt and Hazelnut ensure that there is something for everyone.

The quality of Booja Booja truffles is sublime, and you’d never believe that the chocolates are dairy, gluten and soya free and suitable for vegans. A special mum deserves only the finest chocolate!

Liberty Candle Tropical Fruit

Your mum might already have loads of candles but we’re pretty sure she doesn’t have one like this exotic delight. Forget calming and delicate scents - this candle packs a punch (obviously not literally, we would never punch your mum!). Packed full of tropical fruit aromas this candle will make your mum feel like they’re on the holiday of a lifetime.

This huge candle has a burn time of around 105 hours so by the time it’s all used up it will be time to get your mum a new one! Check out the great variety of Liberty candles at Healthpharm here.

 Happy Mothers Day!!

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