A guide to buying fragrances for your family

A guide to buying fragrances for your family

You can’t go wrong buying fragrance for a Christmas present. Haha just kidding, you can mess it up spectacularly, that’s why we’ve done this blog. Perfume and aftershave can be a personal gift, especially if the person that you’re buying for only wears one specific fragrance. That’s the bit we can’t help you with. If you know that the person you’re buying for has a favourite scent then it’s easy. Ask them what it is or check the bottle if you’re super sneaky. Then type it into the search bar at HealthPharm, pop it in your basket and it’s as simple as that!

 If you’re not sure what they wear, think they might like a change, or on buying for several different people then keep reading.  

 Mum – If your mum wears a specific perfume and you don’t know what it is then shame on you. You’ll have smelt it a million times and even in years to come everytime to catch a whiff of it, even on someone else, you’ll immediately think of your mum. If she doesn’t have a favourite, then maybe it’s time to get her one.

 Take a look at our fragrances and look for scents you think your mum might love. Does she like lighter floral scents or would she prefer a more intense and exotic aroma. Failing that just pick one in the right price range with pretty packaging and we’re sure she’ll love it.

 If your totally stuck then then the Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris gift set is a beauty. It has an iconic style that your mum will recognise and it’s a wonderful classic EDP. There’s a beautiful lipstick too to make it extra special.


 Mother-in-Law – If you get on with you MIL then follow the same rules as shopping for your mum. Look for a great fragrance that they will love and make their own so you can always be reminded of them.

 If you’re not so keen to be reminded of you MIL whenever you smell a certain perfume, or if you aren’t entirely sure what they will like but still want to get them something special then we think that miniatures are a great idea. You can’t go wrong with the Jimmy Choo Miniature Gift Set. It’s a brand renown for style and quality with an assortment of equally fabulous fragrances in beautiful little bottles. It will earn you points with both your MIL and spouse.

 Dad –   Unless you have a really quirky dad then you’re looking for a classic, reassuringly familiar and manly fragrance if you’re buying for dad. The Hugo Boss Bottled gift set ticks all the boxes on that front. It’s a truly classic men’s fragrance that you will recognise the scent of even if you don’t think you’ll know it.


Teenage BoyDiesel Spirit of the Brave EDT and shower gel. Everything about this set is perfect for a teenage boy. The black and gold packaging is cool and manly, it’s an EDT so not completely overpowering if the person hasn’t mastered the ‘less is more’ art of fragrance application and it contains a fabulous shower gel to help keep them feeling fresh. It’s a sophisticated scent of amber, conifer, and vanilla but it still feels a little bit playful and not too intense.


Teenage Girl – The Lolita Lempicka Gift Set showcases the recently relaunched Mon Premier Parfum EDP. ‘Mon Premier Parfum translates to ‘My First Perfume’. It’s a fun and youthful perfume with notes of liquorice and cherry. It’s a great choice for a younger person who is playing with their style and wants to try something a bit different. The quirky bottle design and packaging is a further extension of the Lolita Lempicka style and appeals to perfume wearers of all ages.


GrandmaAcca Cappa Glisine Wisteria EAP, soap and hand lotion set. This one covers all the bases really. The EAP has gorgeous floral notes of wisteria, lily, magnolia and lilac with top notes of Sicilian lemon and exotic fruits. It’s delicate and light yet complex and powerful – kind of like Grandma’s really! The soap is a lovely addition to the set, in a world that seems to have switched to shower gel it’s easy to forget the luxurious feeling of a high quality, beautifully scented soap. It’s a winner.


Younger and Pre-teen girls – This is always a difficult age group to buy for. Girls may want to feel more ‘grown-up’ around this age but you might not feel that things like make up sets are appropriate. We love the Disney Frozen II gift set for just these reasons. It’s a beautifully packaged set containing a light fragrance in a jewelled, crown topped bottle, turquoise and red nail varnishes and a cute little Disney zip pouch to keep treasures in. A perfect balance of children’s favourite Disney characters and an edge of being grown up by getting fragrance as a gift.


Stocking fillers: Body sprays and little fragrance gift sets make brilliant stocking fillers and are ideal to have a few spares just in case you find you’ve forgotten anyone. The Espirit Night Light set is a versatile gift set containing shower gel, moisturiser and Eau D’Toilette. At just £2.39 it’s a bargain and you can always get a few a emergency last minute gifts and it looks, and smells, considerably more expensive than it is.


Fragrances are a great gifts for all your family and friends. You can find something for everyone in our huge range of fragrance gifts at HealthPharm and have all your Christmas shopping completed in a few clicks.

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