Boosting your immune system when it needs it the most

Boosting your immune system when it needs it the most

So, there’s a lot going on in the world right now but we’re tired of talking about the C word! However, if there's one thing that we’ve learned in the past few months it's the importance of protecting ourselves and our families (we’ve also discovered the bizarre toilet roll hoarding fixation out nation has but that’s a different story).

You’ve seen the Government advice on staying safe and you know how to sing Happy Birthday (twice) while washing your hands so we aren’t going to teach you to suck eggs. Instead, we want to focus on something that might be putting your health at risk without you being aware of it.

 Isolation, lack of exercise and sunlight and limited availability of fresh food isn’t great news for our immune systems and we need them to be on top form right now.  We know that information on vitamins can be overwhelming so let’s look at the specific supplements your body requires.

 When it comes to your immune system there are a wide variety of vitamins that our body needs to stay strong and help fight off any nasties. The key vitamins for immune health are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Usually, you can get all of these from a varied diet and sunshine but right now that's easier said than done. Instead, you can add these vitamins in supplement form, usually a tiny daily tablet, to ensure that your body is getting everything it needs.

Vitamin C

One of the biggest immune boosters out there is Vitamin C which helps to maintain healthy skin and a strong circulatory system and beat fatigue. Vitamin C can't be made or stored by the body but it’s prevalent in many fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits. Lack of vitamin C, even for a short period, can make you more prone to sickness so this supplement is key to staying on top form.

 We recommend Sambucol Natural Black Elderberry Immuno Forte Capsules | Vitamin C | Zinc | Immune Support Booster 


Sambucol has scientifically tested the immuno forte of black elderberries and combined it with a vitamin C and zinc (which is also renown for its regulation of immune functions). These capsules taste great, are easy to swallow and non-drowsy.


Vitamin B6

In charge of regulating the biochemical reactions in the immune system, vitamin B6 is an important one that people tend to forget. Like a lot of vitamins, B6 cannot be produced by your body so a diet rich in turkey, salmon, chickpeas and bananas which are all rich n B6 is essential. Feel like those aren’t key items in your fridge? No problem, Health Pharm stocks Natures Aid vitamin B complex supplement

Not only do these little vegan-friendly tablets contain all the delicious B6 that your body craves but they also contain all the other B vitamins that you need to B healthy!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes healthy bones and teeth and supports your immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems. It’s a vital vitamin for your general wellbeing and your body produces it naturally after exposure to sunshine. Now here’s the problem. We’ve had plenty of sunshine this summer but we are all on lockdown. Whilst our daily trip outside for some exercise does help with vitamin D it might not be enough for our bodies to maintain peak health.

We recommend Bioglan Vitagummies | High Strength Vitamin D3 | Vegetarian Friendly | Delicious lemon flavour chewy gummies

 Vitamin D

Bioglan high strength vitamin D3 gummies not only give your body the boost that it needs but they come in a delicious lemon flavour so you’ll look forward to taking them every day.

Vitamin E

 This powerful antioxidant helps to protect your immune system and fight off infection. You can find vitamin E in seeds, nuts and spinach but if your diet is lacking in these then supplements are an easy way to top yourself up.

We recommend Natures Aid Aid 400iu Vitamin E

Natures Aid are market leaders in creating non-synthetic supplements. If you aren’t sure which vitamins to pick then Natures Aid is always a safe bet and we stock a wide variety of them.

At Health Pharm we are aware that the sheer volume of information out there at the moment is overwhelming. So to make it a little easier we have created an entire category in our online shop dedicated to Immune Support. Check out our other great supplements here.

 Oh and yes, I know we promised not to mention the C word but we do have masks, sanitising hand wash and antibacterial wipes if you need them.


Take care and stay safe and healthy!


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