A sweet treat for 13 calories? Oh Sweet Freedom

A sweet treat for 13 calories? Oh Sweet Freedom

We are all emerging from lockdown bleary-eyed, a tad shell shocked and a few pounds heavier. The Eat to Help out scheme hasn’t helped with the latter, if eating half-price burgers boosts the economy then we have no choice but to play our part! Most of us are accepting that now is the time to get back to the gym or start a diet (mainly because our jeans won’t do up).

If you try to maintain a strict diet with no treats then chances are that you’ll slip up and end up eating an entire cheesecake and a family-sized bag of crisps – yes, I’m speaking from personal experience. So instead imagine a healthy eating plan where you can add a little sweet treat for just 13 calories - that’s the equivalent of 4 grapes. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t, not with Sweet Freedom syrup shots and healthy chocolate spreads.

The Sweet Freedom concept is making healthy taste great by using all-natural products to create a variety of different flavoured syrup shots at a mere fraction of the calories you would normally eat.

Whilst you could indulge your sweetness craving by simply having a tiny sip of these delicious syrups you will look like a weirdo and those around you might get concerned. Instead, you can include them in your drinks and meals. We’ve added some of our favourite uses below but you can check a never ended list of both sweet and savoury recipes here.

One for the coffee lovers

 No cooking required for this one. Simply add a teaspoon of your favourite syrup to your cup of coffee to make it super tasty and curb those sweetness cravings. You’re adding just 13 calories to your drink! In comparison a shot of syrup in a coffee shop which usually has around 60 calories.

 Sweet Freedom has all the usual suspects that you would find in your favourite coffee house; Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon and Gingerbread as well as more unique flavours such as winter or orange spice and mint.

 If you’ve stocked up on lighter versions of hot chocolate, then you’ve probably already realised that they are a poor comparison to the real thing. Simply add any of the Sweet Freedom chocolate shot flavours for a rich, satisfying flavour and you’ll never look back.

 Spread the love

 Unless you’re a total sadist and have cut out all bread from your diet then nothing beats a nice slice of hot toast. Toast with low-fat margarine just doesn’t hit the mark sometimes so what about some rich, gooey chocolate spread for only 14 calories?

 Sweet Freedom has it sorted with an incredible chocolate spread that you’ll probably prefer to your current spread. It’s thick, super chocolatey and it’s perfect for on toast or a sneaky little teaspoon straight from the jar. No judgement here!


 A fruity number

 Fruit is good for you, eat more fruit. Or so you’ve told yourself a million times since you started your diet. Yeah, it’s healthier than a pizza but sometimes it’s just a bit boring? So make your fruit salad a bit more exciting with a drizzle of Sweet Freedom fruit syrups. In fact, make anything more exciting with a squirt of fruit syrup; porridge, low-fat yoghurt, granola – you name it, we promise it’s better with a little sweet and fruity addition.

 5 Minute Golden Syrup Mug Cake

 It takes just 5 minutes, requires only 5 ingredients and it goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. Even better, it’s not that naughty on the calories as far as cakes go. The easy squeezy Sweet Freedom Golden Syrup is the star of this little treat.

 Choc Shot overnight Oats

 What’s better than waking up in the morning and breakfast is already waiting for you? Nothing, especially when it’s a guilt-free chocolate breakfast that will keep you full until lunchtime. That’s the joy of overnight oats made with Sweet Freedom liquid chocolate.

 Sticky Chilli Tofu

 Sweet Freedom products are so versatile you can even use them in savoury dishes. This dish will make you forget your favourite take away meal, it’s super sticky and super satisfying. You can even replace the tofu with chicken if you prefer. A dash of Sweet Freedom Light Syrup takes this dish to the next level.

 Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

 You don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy this fruity little number (nor do you need an ice cream maker). Perfect for a sunny day or low calories dessert. A spoonful of Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup really makes the Strawberry flavour stand out.


 HealthPharm is one of just a handful of carefully selected suppliers of the Sweet Freedom range and you can check out the full product range here. Enjoy!

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