6 Flipping good pancake mixes and their perfect saucy matches

6 Flipping good pancake mixes and their perfect saucy matches

It’s almost my favourite day of the year, the special day set aside for my one true love…pancakes!

In theory, making a pancake batter is simple, it’s just eggs, milk and flour. You would think it’s impossible to mess that up, but I can assure you, it’s not. Just take the stress out of pancake day by using a high-quality pancake mix that guarantees perfect pancakes every time. That leaves you to focus on the important bit…the toppings!

A pancake paired with great toppings and syrup is pure bliss, so we’ve selected our favourite pancake mixes and syrup selections from the wide range available at Healthpharm.

To make pancake day a little sweeter, Healthpharm is offering a 10% discount on all syrups and sauces.

As if that wasn’t enough, we are also focusing on mixes that at vegan friendly and gluten-free. Two of the three ingredients in pancakes are non-vegan (eggs and milk) and flour contains gluten, so we have no idea how it’s possible to make a gluten-free and vegan-friendly pancake mix. Anyone who has attempted to make pancakes with gluten-free flour knows this alone is a recipe for disaster so we can only assume that the following mixes must contain some form of magic.

  1. Amisa Organic Gluten Pancake Mix – Light, fluffy and delicately flavoured pancakes that pair perfectly with any topping. We love the Atkins and Potts Rosehip syrup which adds another level of flavour without overwhelming the yummy pancake flavour.

Amisa Pancake MixRosehip syrup

  1. Orgran Apple and Cinnamon Pancake Mix – Apple and cinnamon are perfect flavour partners and these delicious pancakes are suitable for both breakfast or as a sweet treat. You could add a fruit syrup to bring out the apple flavour but we found that The Skinny Food Co Golden Syrup matched perfectly and brought back lots of childhood memories.

 Orgran Apple and Cinnamon pancake mix Skinny Food Co Golden Syrup

  1. Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix – Ideal for breakfast, these pancakes are both delicious and nutritious. The hint of buckwheat flavour lends itself to any fruit topping for a healthy snack and add a dash of plain syrup to sweeten the deal.

 Orgran Buckwheat pancake mixBiona agave

Biona Agave syrup is rich and mellow, brings out the flavour of buckwheat and compliments most fruit. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a few slices banana and lashings of The Skinny Food Company chocolate sauce.


  1. Superfood Baker Plant Power Protein Pancake Mix – Pancakes have a reputation for being bad for you, usually because they are topped with piles of sugar or naughty toppings. In reality, they’re a satisfying and fairly healthy snack, especially when they are packed with plant protein like the Superfood Mix.

 Protein Pancake mixCaramel

These pancakes are great to start the day or to fuel you up during a busy day or gym session. A drizzle of any Sweet Freedom syrup satisfies any sweet cravings for just 14 calories. Our favourites are caramel or mint chocolate.


  1. Pro Fusion American Style Pancake Mix – Americans claim to do everything bigger and better and when it comes to pancakes, we have to agree. Celebrate pancake day with a giant stack of thick, fluffy American pancakes, full of pea protein to keep you fuelled for the day.

 American Pancake mixBuckwud maple syrup

No prizes for guessing our sauce selection here, we’re sticking with tradition and going for good old Buckwud Maple Syrup. You could go all-out American with some fried bacon and syrup on your pancakes or simply drown them with lashings of moreish maple syrup.


  1. Mrs Crimbles Pancake and Batter MixClearly Mrs Crimble knows what she’s doing with this versatile mix that can be used for pancakes, waffles or Yorkshire Puddings. You can get extra fancy on pancake day by making crepes, Scotch pancakes and American style pancakes, all using the same batter.

Mrs Crimbles pancake mix Biona date syrup

The final, and naughtiest topping on our list is usually reserved for desserts but why not go wild and have ice cream for breakfast? A great pancake or waffle with a scoop of ice cream and a swirl of Biona Organic Date Syrup is my idea of heaven .


Pancake mix makes everything easy, so now you can make pancake day a regular event. We’ve suggested topping and sauces that work well but ultimately, it’s down to what you fancy, you are the master of your pancakes!

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